Radflo Hydra-Jac high-lift jack

Radflo Hydra-Jac 'high-lift' type jack

The Hydra-Jac from Radflo is the fastest, lightest and most convenient "high-lift" type jack for off-road vehicle applications.

If you've ever tried to change a tire off-road using an ordinary jack, you know how frustrating and even dangerous the exercise can be. The emergency jack supplied with your vehicle is useless if you have a suspension lift. And that old-fashioned cast iron jack that you've been lugging around is great for agricultural purposes, but it's not exactly ideal for today's high tech off-road machines. The awkward size makes it difficult to store in your vehicle, the immense weight is cumbersome to transport, and the constant rattling is downright annoying.

The hydraulic specialists at Radflo Suspension Technology have heard your frustrations and developed a proper off-road jack that allows you to change tires with more speed and less sweat than ever before. The Hydra-Jac is a technically advanced, lightweight racing jack designed specifically for the off-road enthusiast. This clever adaptation of the "high-lift" jack provides the long-travel range you need without the cumbersome size and weight of conventional designs.

Hydra-Jac Features

Adjustable jacking platform adapts to your off-road application

Simply preset the adjustable jacking platform to the proper position for your vehicle and the generous 18" lift range will elevate a disabled tire into the air on the most flexible suspensions.

Quickly raise or lower your vehicle with minimum effort

The convenient, fold-away handle makes operation easy and efficient. In most cases, no more than 4 pumps are required to raise your vehicle a full inch. Release the bleed screw to lower the vehicle - you can even control the rate of descent.

Heavy duty hydraulic ram provides impressive load capacity

The massive 22 mm ram allows you to safely hoist loads up to 2,200 lbs. in almost any conditions without fear of failure. Like our shocks, the Hydra-Jac is completely serviceable and rebuildable for a lifetime of service.

Lightweight yet ultra-strong construction eliminates strain

A combination of lightweight alloy materials makes transportation and operation truly painless. At only 13 lbs., you can easily load or unload the jack without breaking a sweat.

Space efficient size provides more storage options

When fully collapsed the overall length is a compact 37", allowing you to stow the Hydra-Jac in locations where your current "high lift" jack would never fit.

Hydra-Jac Details

BodySmooth SSID alloy steel tube, 35 mm diameter

RamChrome plated and polished, 22 mm diameter

Rod GuideCNC machined bronze, TeflonŽ coating

SealHydraulic U-Cup seal, rebuildable

OilRadflo high-temp foam resistant suspension fluid, 10.1 oz. (300 ml)

FinishMirror polished, clear cadmium plating on most parts, chrome optional

ServiceConsumer or factory serviceable

Load Capacity2,200 lbs. (1.0 metric ton)

Travel18.1 in. (460 mm)

Overall Length37.0 in. (940 mm) / 49.0 in. (1245 mm)

Weight13 lbs. (5.9 kgs.)

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