Nissan Patrol GQ Mega Lift Extreme 5" Lift Kit

The ultimate 5" lift kit for the GQ Nissan Patrol

The Ultimate in off road performance with on road handling other kits on the market fail to achieve. If your looking for the complete package for your Nissan GQ coil sprung wagon, tray back or SWB then this is it - all in one simple 100% bolt on kit.

Nissan Patrol GQ Mega Lift Extreme 5" Lift Kit

Component list

  1. Snake Racing dropped arms
  2. Upper and lower adjustable rear arms
  3. Front and rear on-car adjustable panhards
  4. 4 x Megalift coils springs
  5. 4 x Tough dog adjustable shocks
  6. Front and Rear Braided brake lines
  7. Rear Brake Proportioning Valve bracket
  8. Rear sway bar disconnects
  9. RTC steering dampener 
  10. All neccesary nuts, bolts & washers

1. Dropped front radius arms

Give correct caster and alignment of the pivoting bush at the chassis. Also pushing the diff back into its factory position after being lifted is achieved.

2. Upper and lower adjustable rear arms

allow correct wheel base and angle location of the rear diff. This is a must as the rear diff is put out of alignment when lifted. Also the arms are solid 4140 chrome molly and allow oncar adjustment.

3. Front and rear panhards

aligment is the key to having your truck drive correctly, adjustable panhards centre the diff back into location after being lifted.

4. Coils springs

Coils are ordered to suit the weight of the truck. extras are no problem but you need to take into account items you are going to add to the vehicle that may not be fitted now. Most common mistake made by ppl is adding steps, bullbars , winches and so on after purchasing a suspension kit. These items change the load carrying capacity of a truck which makes for sagging springs if not taken into account when orginally fitted.

5. Big bore adjustable shocks

The 45mm tough dog adjustable is the best suited shock on the market for the weight of a Nissan patrol. Adjustment is made via a dial at the bottom of the shock and is done in the time it would take you to air down 1 tyre.

6. Braided brake lines

A must for any lifted truck is the need for longer brake lines. Many kits on the market do not address this. All our kits use braided brake lines made to suit the height of the truck plus allow for the extra wheel travel created when fitting a performance suspension kit.

7. Rear brake proportioning valve bracket

We are the only company to offer this in a kit for a Nissan Patrol. Lifting the truck changes the brake bias lever on the rear diff this intale reduces the rear brakes from working when the truck is lifted.

8. Rear sway bar discconects

The use of the rear sway bar for street use is recommended and having the ability to disconnect the sway bar makes for more wheel travel when off road. Simple to use via removing the pull pins will allow a better ride when on uneven surfaces.

9. RTC dampener

A return to centre steering dampener is the best way to soften the dampening affect that comes from driving on corrigations and washouts. Having full control of your truck when in ruts is a must.

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