Dirty 30's™ 30 Spline CV / Axle Kits

Dirty 30's 30 Spline CV / Axle Kit

Trail-Gear 140065-1-K  |  suits Solid Axle Hilux

With larger tires and more horse power than ever before being used on the trails these days, upgrades for your rig are more critical than ever. In a Toyota, one of the common failures are your stock 27 spline birfields. That is why we have developed our new 30 spline chromoly birfields, the Dirty 30s'™. This birfield will get you to where you need to go and give you confidence and peace of mind while you are getting there.

These Dirty 30’s are made out of 100% 4340 chromoly and are precision polished to remove any imperfections that may cause stress risers. The ball bearings are manufactured out of the highest quality attainable in chrome steel ball bearing manufacturing, AISI 52100 is the standard of material used. The 30 spline axle shafts are 100% chromoly with a polished seal surface.

These parts have undergone years of extensive in-house and field testing and we are proud to share the results with you. The average failure rate was consistently at 8500 ft. lbs. of applied torque at a 30 degree angle. They were also field tested at the Hammers in our competition FToy and other buggies and trucks with no failures to report.

Note; minor clearancing of the knuckle ball may be required.

Dirty 30 +3 CV Kit

Trail-Gear 140268-1-K

This Dirty 30 +3 Kit is designed exclusively for our Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing. The Rock Assault™ Front Axle housing is 3" longer than stock on the short side of the axle tube, so The Dirty 30 +3 Birfield Kit has a +3" short side axle shaft.

Dirty 30 FJ 40 CV Kit

Trail-Gear 140076-1-K  |  suits LandCruiser FJ40

Trail-Gear is proud to introduce our newest addition to the Dirty 30 family, The Dirty 30 FJ40 Birfield Kit. These Dirty 30 FJ40 Birfield Kits are built with the same indestructible birfields and axle shafts that are in our mini truck Dirty 30 birfield kits. These things are so strong we are backing them up with our Trail-Gear lifetime manufacture warranty. Upgrading to the Dirty 30 FJ40 Birfield Kit is a great time to upgrade to the larger mini truck knuckles, this will allow you to have a larger diameter knuckle stud and with a spring over conversion you can also run a high steer kit.

This kit will go right into your 1978 and newer FJ40, and all years of the FJ55 with disc brakes. Some minor clearancing of the knuckle may be required.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Axle shafts
  • 2 x C-clips
  • 2 x Birfields (CV's)

Dirty 30 FJ 60-62 CV Kit

Trail-Gear 140272-1-K  |  suits LandCruiser FJ60

This Dirty 30 Birfield Kit is specially designed to fit an FJ 60 Land Cruiser and make its axles much stronger than stock. This kit comes with our famous "Trail-Gear lifetime manufacture warranty". Installation is very simple, they go right in with only minor clearancing of the knuckle ball. No other parts are needed to install this kit.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Axle shafts
  • 2 x C-clips
  • 2 x Birfields (CV's)

TG Chromo Hub Gears

Trail-Gear 141019-1-K  |  suits Toyota

We at Trail-Gear know that having bigger tires means more failure points for your rig that is why we have taken an OEM 1979-85 Toyota hub gear and made it entirely out of 4340 chromoly material. The TG Chromo Hub Gear is so strong, and we are so confident in it that we are giving it our world famous "Trail-Gear lifetime manufacture warranty". The TG Chromo Hub Gear is a direct replacement that requires no modifications whatsoever, you simply pop it in and drive with more confidence than you have ever had before.

Note; does not fit IFS hubs.

Dirty 30™ Axle Shafts

|  suits Hilux, FJ40, FJ60

These axle shafts are the best of the best; manufactured from 4340 chromoly and consistently tested to a failure rate of between 8,000ft/lbs to 8,500ft/lbs. They have a fully machined and polished seal surface and come with c-clips already installed. These shafts are great for replacements or spares.

All Dirty 30™ axle shafts are covered by Trail-Gear's lifetime warranty.

Available options:

  • Hilux, Short Side, 140221-1-K
  • Hilux, +3" Short Side, 140223-1-K
  • FJ40, Long Side, 140242-1-K
  • FJ40, Short Side, 140241-1-K
  • FJ60, Short Side, 140241-1-K

CV Snap Ring

Trail-Gear 140162-1

This snap ring goes on the outer stub shaft of your birfield and keeps the birfield from drifting too far into the axle assembly.

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