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Trail-Creeper™ 4.70 T-Case Reduction Gear Kit

Trail-Gear 105000-1-K + 105001-1-K  |  suits Hilux

For rock crawling, lower transfer case gears give you the control you need to keep your truck on track. Trail-Gear offers an affordable 4.70:1 gear kit for your gear driven Toyota transfer case. Trail-Creeper T-Case gears are available in 21 and 23 spline configurations. Kits include replacement gears, gaskets and seals. Disassembly and modification of transfer case is required for installation. Input gears are precision ground & micro-polished to guarantee the removal of all surface imperfections in the forging.

Trail-Creeper gears fit Toyota 4WD Pickup's and 4Runners from 1979-1995 with gear drive style transfer cases. Gear sets reduce the stock low range from 2.28 to 4.70, nearly twice the the reduction of the stock gears. High range is not affected and remains 1 to 1. Each gear set carries a full lifetime guarantee. If your gears ever fail to function properly, simply return them to us for replacement.

V6 applications require the transfer case be replaced with a 4Cyl gear drive unit and V6 Adapter plate. Speedo cable, floorboard, drive shaft, and crossmember changes may also be required.


  • High Quality Materials
  • Precision fitting spline fit for long life
  • OEM Gasket Set
  • Lifetime Warranty

Available options:

  • Trail-Creeper T-Case Gears, 21-Spline, 105000-1-K
  • Trail-Creeper T-Case Gears, 23-Spline, 105001-1-K

Note; the 23-spline 4.7 input gear will not fit into the stock coupler on an R151 Turbo transmission.

10" Long Spline Drive Shaft Kit

Trail-Gear 100005-1-K + 100007-1-K

Super flexible suspension systems require more slip spline then the stock drive shaft is able to provide. The result with a stock slip spline is the drive shaft pulls apart on the trail. This long spline kit is designed to replace the stock slip section and nearly doubles the useable slip length. To install this kit the stock slip section and tubing is cut off and replaced with our long spline section and new tubing.

Our drive shaft kits are also stronger then stock. Our testing shows that a stock drive shaft will twist off and fail at after a maximum load of 3,900 ft/lbs of torque is applied. Our shaft kits test to a maximum of 4800 ft/lbs or torque. This is accomplished in two ways; first we increase the size of the material both on the inside and outside of the slider section. Then we specially heat-treat the material to increase its strength.

Each kit comes with a Heavy Duty U-joint installed. Full circle retaining rings are installed to securely hold the u-joint in place.

Note; this product is a heavy duty replacement part and is not recommended for applications requiring a balanced driveshaft. Not recommended for use on the street or speeds over 50mph. This driveline can not be balanced.

Available options:

  • Driveline Kit, Long Travel, w/Matsuba Joint, 100005-1-K
  • Driveline Kit, Long Travel, w/Creeper Joint, 100007-1-K

Creeper Joint™ Drive Shaft U-Joints

Trail-Gear 100065-1

Trail-Gear now offers the strongest U-Joint on the market. We took the stock U-joint and kicked it up a notch by adding additional material to center of the joint. The Creeper Joint™ has been tested to 4,700 ft-lbs of torque in our axle testing machine. These U-joints fit most 1979-1995 4wd applications. Includes four install clips and Zerk grease fitting (not shown in photo).

Note; does not fit CV side of driveline.

TGHD Heavy Duty Transfer Case Mount

Trail-Gear 105089-1-K

Finally a Toyota T case mount that can handle the abuse of rock crawling with the ultra low torque of dual cases is here.

The TGHD T Case mount kit will totally eliminate any worries of a broken T case mount on the trail, or on the comp site. We are so confident in this product that we are offering it with our world famous Lifetime No Questions Ask Warranty.

The TGHD T case mount is stamped out of 1/4" thick steel plate, and then welded on a jig to ensure the best fit possible.

These T case mount kits are coated with black zinc for a trick finish that will last a lifetime.

The bushings are polyurethane for long lasting performance and durability.

Can be used as a stock replacement on 4cyl T cases for applications from 1982-1995, or with our dual case crossmember and other popular dual case crossmembers on all 1979-1995 applications.

Note; this product may cause more vibration at high speed driving them the OEM rubber mount.

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