Trail-Gear Beadlocks

Creeper Locks™ Beadlock Wheel

Trail-Gear 142000-1-K + 142003-2-K

What are Creeper Locks? Creeper Locks are Trail-Gear's very own, super strong, heavy duty wheels. These wheels look great and come at an affordable Trail-Gear price! Creeper Locks are 17" X 9" wheels with a backspacing of 3.75" and are made from a solid piece of aluminum. Each wheel weighs a whopping 45 lbs with locking ring and hardware. These are no ordinary aluminum wheel, Creeper Locks™ are super tough and built to last. Each wheel is cast with the inner beadlock as part of the wheel. All 24 of the bolt holes on the wheel have steel Time-Serts® installed to prevent the bolts from galling. Drop down inner lip centers tire on to wheel during mounting.


  • Solid Heavy Duty Design
  • 17" Rims, 9" Wide
  • 3.75" Back Spacing
  • 24, Grade 8  5/16" bolts
  • Time-Sert® Inserts Installed
  • Wheel Rating, 2800 lbs Each

PCD Options:

  • 17" Aluminum Beadlocked Wheel, 6 Lug (6 on 5.5) $299, 142000-1-K
  • 17" Aluminum Beadlocked Wheel, 5 Lug (5 on 5.5) $299, 142003-2-K

Water Fill Adapter

Trail-Gear 170501

Many competitors put water in their tires to lower the center of gravity of their trucks. This makes the trucks more stable and less likely to roll off the course.

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